The Res Life Student Staff Workbook

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Programming, Current Issues and Job Skills

Our student staff members are on the frontlines, needing know-how and direction to handle whatever issues come their way, while also looking after their own well-being. And their learning needs don’t just stop after in-person group trainings end!

The Res Life Student Staff Workbook is designed to assist student staffers in doing their very best work throughout the year. It offers practical tools they can use when building community, making connections, assisting students who are struggling, programming creatively, creating environments of inclusion and belonging, and much more.

Every month, this 72-page Workbook covers key student and staff issues, based on the ebb and flow of campus life.

Plus, this year-round resource offers student staffers the tools to remain healthy student leaders amidst it all.

Topics Covered

The Res Life Student Staff Workbook will help your student staffers…

  • Balance academic and personal needs with their leadership roles
  • Deliver targeted, innovative, diverse programming
  • Be prepared to handle crises and their aftermath
  • Build inclusive, respectful communities focused on connection and belonging
  • Support students with mental and emotional health concerns
  • Meet the needs of diverse student populations
  • Communicate effectively
  • Be ethical role models of integrity, purpose and intention
  • Engage residents in positive, enriching ways
  • And much more!

    What’s Included

    Student staff members will have year-round resources they can tap into as part of the “training trickledown” process: learning useful things that can then be passed down to their residents. Plus, they’ll be surrounded by support all year long to help them gain competence and confidence in their important student staff positions.

    When you use The Res Life Student Staff Workbook you will:

    • Deliver interactive, reflective training that is more likely to stick with student staff members
    • Present key topics an easy-to-digest, attractive format your student staffers will turn to over and over
    • Save time, research, energy and preparation in putting together important staff guidance
    • Set student staff members up for success both on-the-job and personally
    • Conduct effective beginning-of-the-year training, as well as year-round through in-services, staff meetings, one-on-ones and more

    Two Versions to Choose From

    1. Standard Bundles – Includes bundles of 10 printed copies of the spiral-bound Workbook.

    2. Customized Bundle – When you order customized workbooks, we will add your school or department logo to the front cover and your institution’s name and website to the footer throughout. Plus, you can opt to fully customize up to 8 pages with your campus-specific information. Instructions for submitting your custom content can be found here. A PaperClip Communications team member will contact you upon purchase to assist you with your custom materials. For questions, email or call 1-866-295-0505.

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