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Asset-Based, Culturally-Conscious Approaches to Engage, Support & Retain

Nearly 1 in 5 of today’s college students identifies as being of Latino/a or Hispanic origin. Yet, there’s often a college completion gap among this population, reported Excelencia in Education; a gap that’s critical for us to close in caring, effective, culturally-conscious ways.

The new Support Hispanic & Latino/a Students: Asset-Based, Culturally-Conscious Approaches to Engage, Support & Retain guide provides research-based findings on how to create more intentional, inclusive campus environments that enhance student success. Train your staff to engage in a support culture that better serves and, ultimately, retains your Latino/a and Hispanic students with this interactive, asset-based resource.

Learn population-specific retention and persistence tactics with proven staying power.

This guide offers 80+ pages of relevant information and tangible practices you can begin using in your daily work immediately.

  • Promote equitable opportunities and advance Latino/a and Hispanic students’ well-being, inclusion and success through enhanced understanding — find out more about today’s students with regards to diversity, demographics and defining characteristics by exploring layers of cultural and intersectional identity among this very diverse population.

  • Retain this growing student population in ways that take into account their lived experience and make sense for them, not just the institution — explore issues of mattering, marginalization, microaggressions, imposter syndrome, spirituality/faith, creating inclusive spaces, peer support, activating partnerships and more.

  • Recognize and honor the important role family plays in many Latino/a and Hispanic students’ lives — create success structures that include families, address expectations and develop a critical sense of familia right on campus.

  • Improve student outcomes by training staff to take caring, asset-based, culturally-conscious action — gain a comprehensive understanding of inclusive, accurate terminology, welcoming phrases, name structures and cultural context to become a stronger student ally and advocate.

  • Explore how Latino/a and Hispanic students struggle and how you can help them overcome challenges — discover culturally engaging programs, events, mentorships, alliances, ceremonies, community building, outreach initiatives and support structures from a wide variety of colleges and universities that can be adapted to your home campus.

Create success strategies by creating a home away from home.

Latino/a and Hispanic students — 7 out of 10 of whom are first-generation — are more likely to thrive when they gain social and cultural capital to find a campus place of belonging. Allocate campus resources in a way that will have the biggest impact on the success and persistence of this growing population.

Plus, receive the 90-minute on-demand training: Latino/a Students: Create Culturally-Informed Experiences and Initiatives That Engage, Retain & Graduate This Growing Population to further set your students and staff up for success.

Sources: “Latino College Completion: United States-2023,” Excelencia in Education;, 5/10/23

Hands-On Training Tools

This 80+ page training guide is made up of interactive, informational components that can be used during training sessions, in-services and professional development workshops, including: handouts, fact sheets, worksheets, case studies, discussion questions, self-work/reflection and sample training agendas.

Plus, your purchase also includes a site license to share with your staff and campus community!

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