The Campus Community Inclusion Package

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Create warm, equitable, inclusive campus environments where informed discussions, awareness programming and better understanding are the norm!

Diversity and inclusion efforts continue to be of critical importance on today’s campuses, as we work toward equity, access, informed discussions, awareness and more. All individuals deserve warm campus welcomes backed up by tangible, thoughtful actions once they get there.

Good intentions won’t cut it. There need to be purposeful, inclusion-informed efforts in the mix to help people become valued members of the campus community — and stick around because they feel they belong and are understood.

The Campus Community Inclusion Package puts these needs front and center with hundreds of solutions and possibilities. It’s designed to train students, faculty and staff with interactive tools that raise awareness. It offers programming, best practices and how-to strategies. And, in a time of pandemic, it includes virtual tools to reach campus community members, no matter where they are.

Topics Covered

Immediate, Hands-on Solutions to Your Diversity and Inclusion Awareness-raising Needs

Topics covered inside The Campus Community Inclusion Package include:

  • The impact of “weathering”
  • Intersectionality
  • Implicit bias
  • Enhancing cultural competence
  • Impact of our words
  • Microaggressions
  • Spiritual opportunities
  • Impact vs. intent
  • Advocating for students with disabilities
  • Respectful discourse
  • Gender issues
  • Being an ally
  • Racial day of healing

    What’s Included

    A Three-piece Package with Hundreds of Options! Within this comprehensive, three-part package, you’ll receive:
    1. An 80-page guide focused on Diversity and Inclusion: Training, Programming and Awareness ToolsYou’ll find handouts, worksheets, activities, discussion prompts, case studies and self-work that can be used with various audiences when training and programming on the topics of diversity and inclusion.

    2. An 80-page guide focused on How to Practice Diversity and Inclusion: Campus Initiatives and Virtual Tools. You’ll discover campus best practice examples, display information, posters and much more to use in today’s virtual environment.

    3. A 90-minute on-demand training: “Become A Better Ally: Take Action to Transform the Current Culture that Perpetuates Lack of Access, Bias, Harassment & Violence.” Our expert presenter offers crucial, actionable takeaways on how you and your staff members can serve as inclusion allies in supporting marginalized communities. Use this digital training with various campus audiences, on your time, on your schedule.

    Plus, your purchase includes a site license to share with your staff and campus community — perfect for your remote training initiatives!

    Two Versions to Choose From

    1. Printed with Digital Download – includes a printed copy of this resource as well as digital access to the enclosed materials and accompanying license to share with your campus community.  Price includes $12 shipping fee.

    2. Digital Download Only – includes digital access to this resource and accompanying license to share with your campus community.

    Upon purchase, the instructions for downloading this resource will be immediately available. For questions, email

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