Title IX and Sexual Harassment: Rights, Responsibilities and Responses – Brochure for Students

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Brochure Content Reflects Federal Regulations That Went Into Effect August 2020

The new Title IX regulations announced in May — which alter the definition of sexual harassment, create a higher burden of proof, create new parameters on the context of sexual discrimination and change investigation processes — must now be put into practice. This comes amidst a pandemic, racial unrest and the multiple other issues currently facing campuses.

That’s why we’ve developed the Title IX and Sexual Harassment brochure. This customizable, 12-page, student-focused resource is designed for distribution to all students, including those who are Title IX complainants and respondents. It puts the new Title IX regulations into easily understood terms, giving students insights and resources. And it lets all students know how your institution will support them.

Plus, this brochure is customized with your school's logo and campus-specific information!

Topics Covered

  • Understanding Title IX
  • Definition of sexual harassment under Title IX
  • Responsibilities of Title IX coordinators
  • Notice of non-discrimination
  • What to expect from the institution regarding Title IX
  • How campus investigations differ from law enforcement investigations
  • Helpful information for complainants
  • Helpful information for respondents
  • Supportive measures
  • Recognizing instances of sexual harassment
  • Sexual assault offenses
  • What to do if you’re sexually assaulted
  • The role of alcohol
  • A fair grievance process
  • Bystander strategies
  • Helping a friend
  • Confidentiality concerns

Post to Your School’s Website with a Digital License

A Digital License allows you to post a digital PDF of the brochure on your school’s website and distribute electronically to members of your campus community. Choose the format that works best for you — printed copies, a digital license, or get both for the best value!

Customized with Your Campus-Specific Information

When you order the customized version of this brochure, we will add your school or department logo to the front cover and your institution’s name and website to the footer throughout. Plus, fully customize two full pages with your campus-specific information, such as:

  • Contact information for key offices or departments
  • Important policies or mission statements
  • Support services available at your institution
  • On- and off-campus contacts for students or staff in need
  • Your department/institutional webpage and resource links

Instructions for submitting your custom content can be found here. A PaperClip Communications team member will contact you upon purchase to assist you with your custom materials. For questions, email info@paper-clip.com.

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