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Address New Challenges & Considerations to Mitigate Liability & Ensure Traveler Safety

Travel abroad programs are facing new risk challenges & liabilities, including the effects of climate change, military confrontations, disruptions in the socio-political underpinnings of liberal democracies, as well as some enduring risks like mental health, female and LGBTQIA+ traveler safety, and residual Covid-19 impacts — all considerations that have elevated the risk curve.

In 90 minutes our expert presenter will help you and your colleagues better understand these new impacts on travel abroad risks and the resulting questions and considerations for international travel and risk management mitigation policies. Ensure that faculty, staff, and students are trained to respond appropriately to emergency situations and protect themselves and the integrity of your institution’s academic mission.

Institutions and global partners will need to ensure appropriate planning is in place to prevent and safeguard against legal gaps to avoid a lawsuit or tragedy.  Ensure your institutional planning and pre-departure programs incorporate best practices and lessons learned to allow your programs to thrive.

Topics Covered

At the conclusion of this online training, participants will be able to:

  • Implement proactive strategies for developing a comprehensive training and pre-departure program for those who participate in travel abroad experiences – educate students, faculty, and staff on risk management and response protocols before they leave the country.
  • Engage key stakeholders in critical conversations that address the new “risk curve” to create a proactive and agile contingency plan for your study abroad programs – learn what resources you need to improve your current response protocols so you can keep your students, and your institution, safe from risk and legal exposure.
  • Identify the essential building blocks of sound risk management protocols – safeguard against legal gaps and put key risk management strategies in place to avoid tragedy & lawsuit.
  • Develop effective training protocols that address the new challenges travel abroad programs are now facing – incorporate best practices and special considerations needed to allow your travel abroad programs to thrive.
  • Outline a strategically tiered approach to your travel abroad programs – consider the evolving factors that may impact your program to develop response protocols that protect your students, staff, and institution from risk.
  • Foster partnerships with global organizations and overseas locations that uphold your institution’s vision, educational mission, and safety goals – protect your global travelers.


Kara Amoratis currently serves as the Acting Director, Global Safety and Security at Princeton University.
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  • Certificate of completion for each participant
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