Violence on Campus – On-Demand Training

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Ensure Appropriate Threat Response to Minimize Fear & Chaos

Recent incidents of violence on college campuses around the U.S. can raise real concerns in your campus community and pose serious questions regarding your ability to assess and manage potential physical threats.

While most campus police agencies are trained to respond to incidents and threats of violence,  and active shooter response protocols, a more proactive, inclusive and collaborative approach to threat assessment and management has emerged as a best practice.

Whether an implied or actual threat of violence is made by a student, former student, staff member faculty member, or a person not affiliated with the college or university, having a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, proactive, step-by-step approach to assessing that threat is critical to the safety of your campus community. Institutions must take steps to respond to and limit the likelihood of the threat turning into actual violence, utilize necessary internal campus resources and systems, in addition to local, state and federal resources to stop a potential threat actor and monitor them for a near and long term threat. 

Our expert presenter - Tony Callisto, recently retired Senior Vice President for Safety & Chief Law Enforcement Officer for Syracuse University and the principal consultant with Callisto Consulting – will guide you through this critical safety topic and discuss ways to implement a threat assessment and management process on your campus or improve the current system you have in place.

You must continually work to monitor for threats of violence, keep fear to a minimum, and confidence high, and minimize the threat and chaos of violence on your campus.

Topics Covered

Gain crucial, actionable takeaways that will help you:

  • With your unique campus in mind, develop a process for initiating and/or refining a threat assessment and management program – develop a comprehensive “potential threat” triage process and a full threat assessment process.
  • Explore ideas for threat assessment team design and procedures in managing behavioral concerns and threats – engage in proactive strategies for interacting and engaging with campus constituents.
  • Target safety planning – define concerning behaviors and threats to the campus community.
  • Define law enforcement interaction and intervention – develop requirements for your campus and various units of the campus.
  • Engage proactive strategies for interacting and engaging with campus constituents regarding threat assessment and management – develop proactive community presentations regarding suspicious activity reporting, unusual behavior/threat reporting and threat management processes.


Tony Callisto recently retired as the Senior Vice President for Safety & Chief Law Enforcement Officer for Syracuse University, managing law enforcement, security, fire safety, environmental health, emergency management, risk management, regulatory compliance, and parking and transit services. He serves as the principal consultant with Callisto Consulting.
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