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41 Strategies to Increase Survey Responses and Improve Your Practice

Yield More Responses in Your Assessment Practices

Now, more than ever, assessment is critical to measure impact, justify resources and improve engagement.

Unfortunately, survey fatigue exists. Poor survey design and administration practices contribute to survey fatigue, in addition to being their own detriments. This can be frustrating and defeating in thinking about or employing surveys, feeling like there is nothing you can do or poor response rates are just to be accepted or expected. However, there are a host of considerations and practices for faculty, staff and students to employ to make survey practice more intentional, collaborative and effective.

Our expert presenter – Dr. Joseph D. Levy, the Executive Director of Assessment and Accreditation at National Louis University in Chicago, IL and member of the Student Affairs Assessment Leaders (SAAL) Board of Directors — provides 41 ways to increase your survey response rates and employ better surveying methodology. You’ll explore:

  • Intentional Design
  • Survey Invitations
  • Student Engagement
  • Engaging Faculty & Staff
  • Using the Results
  • Investing Resources

In addition to instrument design, aspects such as student engagement methods, faculty and staff partnership, use of results, and investment of resources can all contribute to earning more survey response rates.

It can be overwhelming to consider all of these elements, or you may be wondering where to start. You’ll get concise guidance on instrument design, data analysis and sharing, and ways to engage students – so that you will yield more responses in your assessment practices.

Topics Covered

After attending this online training, you will be able to:

  • Identify common challenges associated with surveying students – leverage at least two considerations for student engagement so you can better anticipate and collaborate to minimize these barriers.
  • Describe areas of focus to improve surveying as an assessment practice  recognize the breadth and depth of involvement associated with surveying so you can enable prioritizing change and yield more responses in your assessment practices.
  • Analyze your survey practices to ensure they are effective – compare and contrast your efforts with recommended practices to overcome obstacles in your daily work to best plan for future projects.
  • Summarize how the use of assessment results yields benefits for assessment and continuous improvement efforts – do your part to share the wealth of information gained from surveys back with the students who gave you the information, as well as to audiences interested in knowing how you will use the results for improvement.


Dr. Joseph D. Levy serves as the Executive Director of Assessment and Accreditation at National Louis University in Chicago, IL.
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