Multiple campuses recognize Neurodiversity Celebration Week each spring. For instance, the Center for Accessible Education at UCLA hosted the week, encouraging campus community members “to learn how neurodiversity is a critical part of the fabric of campus and reflect on how you can embrace and honor the different ways Bruins learn and engage on campus.”

Activities during the week included:

  • A Sensory Pop-Up Experience where participants could explore sensations through lights, colors and touch to calm senses and optimize individual sensory stimulation
  • A mini sensory experience with stimming toys and sensory activities
  • Tabling with information on how to get connected and what resources are available to neurodivergent students
  • A morning open house with breakfast food at the Center for Accessible Education
  • A workshop on Navigating Disabilities in the Workplace
  • A workshop on Inclusion & Belonging

The mission of Neurodiversity Celebration Week worldwide is “to change the narrative. Working together with schools, universities and organisations, we aim to:

  • Increase acceptance and understanding
  • Provide education
  • Celebrate neurodiversity

Working together to create a world that understands it takes all kinds of different minds.”

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