Oscar-winning actress Michelle Yeoh gave Harvard Law School graduates three pieces of advice about leaping into new experiences during her recent commencement address. She called them “How to Survive the Fall in Three Easy Steps, by Michelle Yeoh.” The first step was to “Stay loose,” as tensing up can cause injury on impact. Step two was “Know your limits” to keep yourself humble, motivated and focused. And step three was “Find your people.”

Regarding step one to “stay loose,” Yeoh said that, when falling, “The safest thing one can do is remain calm, even curious about the shifting world around you.”

For step two, “Know your limits,” she explained that “Understanding what you can do is essential, understanding what you can’t do is pretty important too.”

And for step three, “Find your people,” she said, “In fact, most success stories are less about competition and more about collaboration.”

She concluded by saying, “I look forward to living in the world you’ll all help build.”

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