As we wrap up Women’s History Month this March, a student at Allegheny College (PA) shared her “thank you letter to the women in my life” via the student newspaper. Reading her words about emerging womanhood, the value of sisterhood, the bonds that sustain her and who she’s working to become in the world remind us of what female and female-identifying students are navigating.

“Womanhood sometimes means unanswered questions, but it can also mean having the courage to ask them,” writes this Allegheny student. “My bond with women is what helps me overcome, understand and cope with the parts of life that forget about us. It’s what keeps me grounded when I start to doubt my ability to succeed and when I need a reminder that even if I can’t relate with every woman’s experience, sometimes listening is enough. Sometimes listening is everything.”

This Women’s History Month – and beyond – may we listen to what our students are saying and help them figure things out. You can read one student’s perspective here.