The children of educators have a leg up when it comes to McDaniels College’s (MD) legacy program. Those whose parents work in K-12 education or for a community college receive $30,000 per year, which equals about half the cost of tuition, room and board. There are also legacy programs for veterans/active-duty military and alumni, with every child or grandchild of an alum getting the same $30,000 annually. “This is about the service provided by educators, veterans and alumni,” Janelle Holmboe, McDaniels’ vice president for enrollment management, told Inside Higher Ed.

“Most of the aid goes to students who are still not eligible for federal aid,” Holmboe said, as many think they’re unable to afford a private college like McDaniels. She said there is “no doubt” that the program is a recruitment tool, enrolling students who wouldn’t have applied otherwise. About 21 percent of the incoming class enrolled through the legacy program.

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