Trans, queer and nonbinary Cornell University (NY) students who are going through a transitory period can access free, gender-affirming clothes through the campus Life Transitions Closet (LTC). This donation-based resource aids students in curating looks that align with their most authentic selves, minus the costs and safety concerns they might encounter in a retail environment. Funds to start up the LTC came from the Belonging at Cornell Grant Program that supports inclusive projects addressing concerns of historically underrepresented communities.

“I've noticed how much mental energy goes to wondering how people are perceiving you, and feeling uncomfortable in your body,” doctoral student Alex Nik Pasqualini, co-president of the LGBTQ+ graduate student organization QGrads, told the Cornell Chronicle. “So being able to wear things where I feel comfortable, and feel like I will be perceived the way I want to be, just frees up a lot of space for me to think about connecting with other people.”

The LTC is located within Cornell’s LGBT Resource Center, offering racks of clothing, full-length mirrors and bins of accessories. Students can browse the unmonitored space on weekdays between 9 am and 8 pm, making it possible to try on or donate clothing anonymously. And the center is open to any students needing clothing during transitional periods.

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