The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) at UC San Diego recently expanded their staffing to help a broader, more diverse community while also training a new generation of counselors. The program helps campus employees with personal and professional well-being and relationship issues through one-on-one information, support and counseling, in addition to educational workshops and support groups. Services include Spanish-language counseling, support groups for people who identify as neurodivergent, a monthly self-care group, services for working parents, an online BIPOC conversational space and more.

“In response to many requests from staff and faculty to increase our diversity profile, we have assembled a group of highly experienced and professional Employee Assistance Program providers,” said Crystal Green director of the FSAP. “We hope more and more employees, with their many intersectional identities, will find a sense of familiarity and safety with us, and more readily reach out for support.”

“Our team has increased and we have broadened services to provide a richer experience for employees and their families,” she said. “We assist with both personal relationships and professional concerns, including support for organizational change. Some concerns need only brief interventions, while others take time to create the desired change.”

In addition, UC San Diego will be piloting a new program to promote employee assistance counseling by working with new graduates with master’s and doctoral degrees in the behavioral sciences. They can gain experience and hours towards the Certified Employee Assistance Professional credential while also getting paid.

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