Off-Campus Life and the Pride Resource Center (PRC) at Colorado State University recently collaborated to present a roommate matching event. Students were given the opportunity to meet potential roommates while also learning about off-campus resources. The idea was to help queer and transgender students find safe roommates.

“There is a need for our LGBTQ students within housing (to find), like, friendly, queer-adjacent and/or queer roommates,” Soleil Gonzalez, the PRC Program Coordinator, told The Rocky Mountain Collegian. “And so the hopes for this program is to kind of aid that process a little bit more in terms of finding a roommate.”

First-year CSU student Darens Bretous attended the event, telling the paper, “I went to these meetings in particular because I want to room with others in the communities that I am a part of. I would definitely suggest going to one of these roommate matchup meets. The information provided at the meetings was very helpful, especially for a first-year student like myself who has never had to try and figure out how the roommate finding process even works.”

You can read more about it here.