West Virginia University’s (WVU) Purpose Center is sponsoring a Week of Purpose this month, filled with activities to help students explore new perspectives and engage with others. Events will include a Strengths Fair, a Life Purpose Mapping Workshop, a Dream Big Wall, a Mantra Card Activity, Group Strength Art, a Nature as Nurture Outing, What’s Your Why activity and much more.

Workshops will be held on Strengths Based Communications, Illustrate Your Strengths, Strengths Based Self-Portraits, Strengths to Avoid Overwhelm, How Full is Your Bucket and beyond.

“Students have a lot to gain from learning more about their strengths, getting involved with the Purpose Center on campus and attending events during the University’s Purpose Week,” Kelly Nix, a teaching associate professor in the John Chambers College of Business and Economics at WVU, said. “Surround yourself with people who can help feed your strengths, challenge them and compliment them as well. There’s a balance in it all.”

Learn more about WVU’s Week of Purpose events here.