Wondering how to help when you believe someone is depressed? “When someone you love has been distant lately and you suspect that they might be struggling with depression but you aren't really sure, it can be really difficult to know how best to reach out to them,” according to The Depression Project site. They offer a list of 50 simple suggestions for reaching out to someone who may be suffering in silence…

  1. “Ask them how they’ve been doing lately
  2. Share something that made you think of them
  3. Tell them you miss them
  4. Ask their opinion about a new song you heard
  5. Remind them they’re not alone
  6. Ask if they’ve seen a popular new Netflix show
  7. Let them know you’re free to chat
  8. Ask if you can help with anything
  9. Remind they they’re loved…”

Check out the whole list of 50 recommendations here.