In an effort to offer online students more interactivity and engagement, while also helping them find help and resources, James Madison University (VA) has added a digital commons to its website. Students in the university’s School of Professional & Continuing Education can access it via the public website and in the Canvas platform. InScribe software is being used, with CEO Katy Kappler explaining, "Digital communities not only facilitate connection and create a sense of belonging, they also give students another avenue to collaborate, a skill that JMU emphasizes and one that can strengthen a student's workforce readiness and on-the-job performance."

"At JMU, we believe that access to support and community should not be limited by proximity to campus. We strive to ensure every student — whether in person or online — feels as though they belong and has the opportunity to connect and collaborate," said the school's Dean, Melissa Lubin, in a statement. "JMU students are each other's biggest fans, and we know that the relationships they will form in these digital spaces will help fuel their success."

Read more about the digital commons here.