Students are busy. At Lawrence University (WI), it’s been dubbed “Lawrence Busy,” as students handle three 10-week terms, plus their co-curricular activities. To help invoke a slowdown of sorts, Constance Kassor, an associate professor of religious studies in the field of Buddhist studies, and some colleagues came up with a one-credit course called “Doing Nothing.” Students learn about mindfulness, sleep hygiene, Tai Chi and more, being graded satisfactory/unsatisfactory. And, to pass, they must put their phones away on silent, come to class on time and participate.

Kassor told The Chronicle of Higher Education that instructors should remember that “part of our job is to educate the whole student. It’s not just about cramming as much content as possible into their brains.” A few moments of meditation in a class can make a difference, she said, explaining that when she does so, “students tell me that’s the only quiet time that they get in their entire day.”

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