The University of Virginia College at Wise, a small, rural campus, is looking for a new Vibrant Campus Community Coordinator with an “energetic, dedicated, progressive, and student centered” attitude. The word “vibrant” is garnering attention, as it’s not typically used in job descriptions, yet building a vibrant campus has been part of the institution’s strategic plan for years, despite being set back by the pandemic, according to assistant dean of students Robbie Chulick.

“I think a vibrant campus, especially at a small public institution, is all about collaboration,” Chulick, who is leading the effort to hire the coordinator, told The Chronicle of Higher Education. In addition to teaming up with various campus offices to support events, he said it’s also about “making sure that we have enough going on for our students to feel like they can be engaged outside of the classroom,” both during the week and on weekends.

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