The University of Notre Dame (IN) is going cashless this fall in an effort to encourage faster transactions than traditional cash exchanges, eliminate health concerns with less cash changing hands and increase safety by not having large amounts of cash transported for deposit or held in campus registers. The move is designed primarily for the retail environment, including food service locations, dining halls, concession stands and laundry.

Instead of using cash, students can use credit or debit cards, reported Notre Dame News. If they don’t have those, they can use campus kiosks in the student centers to transfer cash to a Visa gift card that can be used anywhere on- or off-campus without additional fees. And faculty, staff and students can still add funds to their Irish1Cards to use in the dining halls.

“I am excited for this move to a cashless campus as transactions will be faster, saving time for both visitors and staff alike,” Rich Bellis, associate vice president for finance and treasury services, said. “Going cashless will eliminate security risks associated with transporting cash and will reduce end-of-day reconciliation for our employees. I am grateful to our team and campus partners for working together to implement this transition where possible.”

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