Using a $3 million federal Title V grant, the University of Arizona, which became a Hispanic-serving institution in 2018, is launching Project ADELANTE: Advancing Culturally Responsive Place-Based Educational Opportunities for Latinx Students in the Borderlands. The initiative is designed to promote persistence and engagement among minority learners while creating collaborative regional teaching, research and service systems. Approximately 1,800 students will be supported through the grant over the next five years.

Project ADELANTE will feature three pieces:

  1. Internship and career readiness programming – including participation in the Critical Service Learning Program, supporting student internships with 60 regional organizations, and a pre-internship career-readiness program for students demonstrating Spanish proficiency
  2. Professional development fellowships for faculty and staff members – including support for 30 faculty and staff chosen annually who regularly engage with low-income and first-generation Hispanic students
  3. A first-year writing program – including a focus on the Latin American tradition of “testimonio” or personal narratives where students discuss their experiences surrounding justice, culture and ethnic heritage

Learn more about the program here.