In an effort to improve the academic and campus culture, the University of Oregon will be celebrating its faculty members by flying banners throughout campus and into town. Close to 60 faculty will be featured with a quote and the reason they’re being spotlighted, such as excellence in teaching, mentorship, research or leadership. A QR code will also lead people to a webpage filled with information about all the faculty members. “You get to see diversity of thought, expertise, and how faculty contribute to excellence on campus,” said Denita Strietelmeier, manager of the project. “It’s a beautiful lens into our faculty.”

Post-pandemic, Troy Elias, associate vice provost for diversity and inclusion, began considering how to rebuild a sense of campus community while acknowledging the diversity, curiosity, ingenuity, leadership and shared sense of commitment that UO faculty members bring to campus. “All the things that make us special,” he said.

Learn more about this banner project here.