There’s something about hearing another person’s story. “Hearing these stories, every time, engenders a feeling of love for the people speaking that I can’t explain,” said Henry Grygas, a former student host of the University at Albany’s Student Stories podcasts. “They may have lived a life completely different from mine, but the emotions and sensations are all the same.” The podcasts are designed to give underrepresented and marginalized students and alumni a voice to share their informative, instructive and inspiring stories with others.

“Each episode chronicles student lives and underscores the many societal and institutional barriers students endure and overcome,” said Carmen Serrano, executive producer of the podcasts and an associate professor of Spanish and director of the Spanish Program in Languages, Literatures and Cultures. “Through their stories of hope and perseverance, they reflect upon society, culture, social justice, inequality and racism.”

The primarily student-run podcasts have a production team made up of two student hosts, a principal editor, a head of marketing and Serrano. Stories run the gamut from covering struggles to enter and afford college, overcoming childhood issues, sharing nontraditional paths to college and much more.

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