ADA Accommodations for Students Traveling Abroad – On-Demand Training

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Increase Access and Equitable Education Opportunities

How do institutions equitably support students with disabilities on education abroad programs when accommodations are limited — if available at all — in international locations?

Institutions are continuing to revamp study abroad programs to increase access, participation, and equitable education opportunities for their students. In 2021- 2022, more than 200,000 U.S. students studied abroad, and approximately 11 percent of them identified having a disability, with the greatest reported type of disability being “mental health/psychological disability”. *

Our expert presenter will help you and your colleagues evaluate your current inclusion efforts, appreciate the unique challenges faced by students with disabilities participating in your study abroad programs, and develop a greater understanding of what is legally expected and required to remain compliant.

Proactive planning will safeguard against legal gaps and put key risk management strategies in place so you can avoid lawsuits and traveler frustration.

Topics Covered

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand ability-related legislation, such as the ADA, and its application – or not – to education programs abroad.
  • Identify common student accommodation requests, including those related to mental health, to ensure all reasonable accommodations are met.
  • Foster a collaborative approach amongst key stakeholders to put critical policies and expectations in place to safeguard against legal gaps and avoid lawsuits and traveler frustration.
  • Create a program leader training program inclusive of ability-related support and considerations to Identify key concepts of “reasonable accommodations” and how they apply to your study abroad programs.
  • Develop solutions that mitigate potential institutional challenges with study abroad programming and accommodating ADA requests in other countries prior to leaving the country to ensure you are compliant and within your legal rights.
  • Design a diverse framework with a variety of ways to support students with special accommodation needs throughout their study abroad and return to campus experience.

* Institute of International Education Open Doors Report


Whitney Longnecker currently serves as the Director of Study Abroad at Texas Tech University.
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