ADA & Digital Accessibility for Online Courses – On-Demand Training

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Give All Learners Equal Opportunities & Avoid Non-Compliance

Every area of campus plays a role in ensuring your institution is compliant with federal and state anti-discrimination laws – including ADA.  Ensure that your faculty and staff understand their compliance responsibilities, recognize common digital accessibility barriers they may inadvertently be creating, and collaborate with critical campus resources to provide engaging online course content that is compliant and more usable by people with and without disabilities.

Are you employing accessibility rubrics during the online course design phase that sets expectations regarding media, documents, and other course materials in addition to learning and communication tools?


Is there a coordinated effort between essential departments to establish unique procedures for online learning and remediation plans in place for existing learning materials?


Gather your faculty, staff and instructional designers and join our expert presenter as he shares his insight on digital accessibility through a unique lens of legal, ethical, logistical, and pedagogical perspectives. Drawing from case law and recent agency enforcement actions, he will explore the intersection between the ADA, accessibility, and academics.

Take proactive steps to make accessibility and reasonable accommodations an integral part of your course design, communications, and technology plans and get ahead of potential rulemaking updates concerning digital accessibility. Help your faculty and instructional designers better meet the needs of learners with disabilities in online courses while simultaneously improving the experience for learners without disabilities.

Topics Covered

As a result of this online training, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize how accommodation strategies may need to be modified in the context of virtual learning, and how this is affected by the platform used or the structure of a course – discover a holistic approach to accessibility and accommodations that can work across a variety of platforms and different types of courses.
  • Understand and comply with the federal laws dealing with accessibility in online learning – avoid non-compliance and costly penalties by ensuring  all learners can participate in learning experiences in an equally integrated and effective manner.      
  • Employ accessibility rubrics during the online course design phase that sets expectations regarding media, documents, and other course materials – stay current with ADA requirements and best practices.
  • Adopt inclusive practices in the making of your campus’s online learning experiences and services – take the proactive steps to make accessibility an integral part of your communications and technology plans and course offerings.
  • Train faculty and staff to incorporate inclusive practices into curriculum and syllabi – affirm and support all students so that you can support their success.


Ricky LaFosse Esq. is currently the Associate Director for Compliance and Policy at the University of Michigan's Center for Academic Innovation.
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