Adult Learners: Innovations, Policy Changes & Emerging Practices to Positively Impact Enrollment & Success – On-Demand Training

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Adult learners make up close to 40 percent of college students throughout the U.S. Jim Fong, founding director of UPCEA’s Center for Research and Strategy, indicates that “Higher education can reinvent itself and grow, becoming the major player in workforce reskilling” if institutions take time now to shift the focus to working with employers to identify current and emerging needs. Don’t miss this critical opportunity to attract a larger portion of the 39 million adult learners back to earn their degree on YOUR campus.

Our presenter focuses on a holistic approach to serving adult students — with content from both researched based programs and identified best practices that are making an impact in the classroom, via virtual engagement and throughout the delivery of support services. She provides insight on the current potential barriers adult learners in higher education and highlight their unique characteristics. She also addresses the innovations, policy changes and emerging processes that are impacting their enrollment and success.

Increase your understanding of the needs of today’s adult learners to position your institution to positively impact your enrollment outreach efforts and adapt support programs, services, policies, and academic offerings to better accommodate their schedules. Capitalize on this opportunity to engage and enlist key stakeholders both on and off campus to move the necessary change forward and uphold the academic mission of your institution for all students.

Topics Covered

In just 90 minutes you and your colleagues will gain crucial, actionable takeaways that will help you:

  • Capitalize on the growing adult learner population and increase their enrollment on your campus – adapt current outreach efforts, support programs, services, policies and academic offerings to better accommodate adult learners’ schedules.
  • Overcome the potential barriers adult learners face when enrolling and persisting on your campus – identify strategies and policy development to best serve your current and future adult learners.
  • Understand the impact of online and virtual education environments that have emerged  to engage adult learners – create intentional learning opportunities that identify emerging needs of employers to attract and retain adult learners seeking skill enhancement or degree attainment.
  • Engage key stakeholders both on and off campus to move the necessary change forward –uphold the academic mission of your institution and better serve all of your student’s needs.
  • Identify steps to assess current departmental and institutional processes and procedures to determine if the intention of the process best serves your adult student population – determine what is and what is not working on your campus so fiscal and human resources can be allocated the most strategic way possible.
  • Provide the necessary resources and training for faculty and staff to best serve and teach this growing population – ensure they understand and exceed your adult learner needs as they do their best to navigate the college landscape.


Dr. Cathy Briggs is currently the Dean of Student Success at Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC) in New Jersey.
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