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Case Studies to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Staff shortages, remote positions, hybrid staff structures, supply chain shortages and limited resources have plagued higher education departments, making it challenging to provide top-notch service at all times to all individuals. Students and families want to ensure their needs are met regardless of the challenges at hand, and maintain high expectations about the level of service they expect to receive. Your department staff members need to be realistic about what you can accomplish while ensuring that they are providing the best possible service.

At the same time, frontline personnel – who do not generally make decisions but have to deal with the majority of phone calls – need to have the proper training on how to listen, defuse and end a conversation appropriately.

Our presenter will help participants design a customer service plan through interactive case studies. You’ll be able to examine the ways your current systems are faltering, set realistic goals of what you can accomplish and what you can’t, and identify training techniques to assist frontline personnel in doing their job in a campus setting to the best of their ability.

Help your staff not only head off problems but also rise to a level of excellence in customer service.

Topics Covered

At the end of this webinar, you will be better able to:

  • Identify the challenges in customer service for colleges and universities – work together to identify strategies and systems to keep students and families satisfied so you can effectively connect with customers, solve problems and show you care.
  • Discuss the expectations that students and parents possess – explore what is reasonable and what is not so you can create a list of clear instances when it is no longer productive for frontline personnel to engage in conversation and how to exit gracefully.
  • Examine ways in which your current customer service system(s) are faltering – ensure your frontline personnel have the tools and support they need to handle the issues that arise for them on a daily basis so they can do their job well – and be happy doing it.
  • Identify training techniques to assist frontline personnel in performing their job – audit your training strategies to ensure your staff is learning – and perfecting – the customer service basics and soft skills that will help your department run smoothly and meet the goals of your institution.
  • Provide frontline personnel with strategies for listening, defusing and problem-solving –  help your frontline personnel communicate while keeping their composure under stress with improved interpersonal communication, campus knowledge, conflict resolution, crisis management, and more.


Dr. Gregory J. (Greg) Nayor currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Daemen University in Amherst, NY.
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  • Materials for your team (handouts, discussion questions, etc.)
  • Certificate of completion for each participant
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