Military-Connected Students – On-Demand Training

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Innovative Support Services That Utilize Asset-Based Models to Engage and Persist Students

Ensure your support programs for military connected students are applicable, timely, and relevant to their unique and diverse needs through systematic asset-based initiatives and intentional partnerships.

Our expert presenters share the support strategies and initiatives that were created on their campus that helped transform it into one of the top military-friendly programs in the nation. They detail how they employed an asset-based model to identify the support areas on campus that needed improvement, and ways to develop them and other practices to engage student veterans on a deeper and more meaningful level. These tactics have allowed them to overcome barriers to create a thriving and dynamic community within the ALVS & CSU. They are now meeting the unique academic, social and career goals of their veterans and military-connected students – and so can you!

Topics Covered

Gain crucial, actionable takeaways that will help you:

  • Overcome barriers to developing an inclusive and engaging learning experience for military-connected students.
  • Create innovative support programs that are applicable, asset-based, timely and relevant to the individual and diverse needs of your military-connected student to ensure a campus culture that supports their holistic development.
  • Establish an inclusive atmosphere that successfully transitions veterans to your campus, enables them to adapt to the academic environment, engage in the campus community and persist through to graduation.
  • Develop next steps to create or modify your current programs/resources to better meet the needs of your military-connected community.
  • Equip those frontline faculty and staff members who interface with veteran and military- connected students regularly with the resources they need to understand and embrace the military culture.


Lisa Chandler is currently the Assistant Director at the Adult Learner & Veteran Services (ALVS) Office at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.
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Brianna Ridenour currently serves as the Program Coordinator for Adult Learners & Veteran Services at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.
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Included When You Purchase

  • 90-minute online session with carefully selected expert(s)
  • Unlimited access to view webinar recording on demand
  • Materials for your team (handouts, discussion questions, etc.)
  • Certificate of completion for each participant
  • Weekly newsletter – What's Working on Campus

Instructions for access are available immediately upon checkout. You may share this On-Demand Training with any staff members from your campus community for unlimited viewing. For information about licensing this webinar for unlimited distribution on your institution’s internal network/server, email

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