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Limit Exposure to Risk

Institutions of higher education - large and small, public and private - struggle with creating opportunities for student engagement and at the same time, balancing liability. Faculty, staff, and administrators must understand the challenges associated with academic and student organization off-campus excursions in order to accomplish educational goals while protecting the institution, the employee and the student(s). No trip is immune from a potential lawsuit. 

Gather your colleagues from across campus to align policy with practice so you can coordinate off-campus excursions in a way that will minimize risk to your institution, you and your students.

Foreseeability and negligence are key concepts that should worry you with regard to off-campus local, regional and international trips, because there is no doubt that there are liabilities and risk associated with the choices you make when coordinating and managing transportation and conduct.

Topics Covered

Gain crucial, actionable takeaways that will help you:

  • Develop and fine-tune policies and procedures that do not limit academic endeavors – train your faculty and staff about off-campus trips and liability issues to help ensure you limit exposure to risk. 
  • Explore the requirements you should include in a syllabus or conduct agreement for off-campus local, regional and international excursions – you’ll learn what has saved institutions in these circumstances, and what sunk them, so you can eliminate the chance of similar pitfalls.  
  • Design a checklist for faculty and staff leading and advising off-campus excursions – decrease your liability while improving your faculty and staff’s ability to recognize potential issues and respond to a crisis should it arise. 
  • Put key risk management strategies in place for your faculty, staff and student trip leaders before they leave your campus – avoid your policies being scrutinized and the basis of a lawsuit.
  • Minimize liability and prepare for problem scenarios, including medical evacuation, student death and unrest – be able to align practice with policies in terms of coordinating trips in a manner that will minimize risk, based on best practices and case law, including U.S. and international travel considerations.
  • Explore travel documents and agreements that you can use with students on your campus – this will allow you to create a simple, streamlined process for your campus so educational goals can be accomplished without fear, annoyance and significant red tape.


Dr. Gregory J. (Greg) Nayor brings over 23 years of professional experience in higher education to his current role at La Salle as the Vice President for Enrollment Management.
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