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Improve & Realign Processes to Meet the Strengths & Limitations of Today’s Students

We are seeing an increase in students who struggle with executive functioning skills, which are essential to the role of an RA. Students are finding it challenging to build relationships with people around them, resolve basic conflicts, and manage multiple areas of responsibility, all which is crucial to a successful student leader. Students see these challenges as barriers instead of potential growth opportunities, and it can create frustration for those who are responsible for recruiting students into the role. Additionally, students want to be paid more or offered additional perks to do the job. While some institutions have the resources to do this, many schools do not. It can feel disheartening to see that your institution does not value the role enough to offer competitive compensation or perks. You may end up with a staff that is not exactly what you need. This leads to challenging academic years and a potentially frustrated staff.

Instead of ignoring the struggles, our presenter will help you use them as a selling point! Students may be having a hard time in a lot of areas, but a priority of theirs seems to be meaningful connections and service to others. Help students understand that the role of the RA is about more than what they may perceive– and that even though they may not feel like they have the skills, they can be taught if they are passionate.

Your selection processes can help you find those who are most excited about the role for the right reasons. Get the right students for the positions, so you can feel confident that your selection and hiring processes have produced a phenomenal staff for the upcoming year.

Topics Covered

Gain crucial, actionable takeaways that will help you:

  • Use assessment to find out why students are not interested in the role, and then use this data to help you address weak points or learn how to better sell the program to clarify any misinformation about the role.
  • Create internal opportunities for students to grow, beyond offering more money.
  • Improve how you are selecting your staff by reimaging what the selection process highlights as important.
  • Draw from negative feedback to market your position in new ways.
  • Utilize other campus partners to help find the best resources out there, so that residence life staff members don’t feel like they are the only ones who can find students to fill the roles.


Dr. Sara Weinstein currently serves as the Director of Residence Life and Housing at Randolph-Macon College located in Ashland Virginia.
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Included When You Purchase

  • 90-minute online session with carefully selected expert(s)
  • Unlimited access to view webinar recording on demand
  • Materials for your team (handouts, discussion questions, etc.)
  • Certificate of completion for each participant
  • Weekly newsletter – What's Working on Campus

Instructions for access are available immediately upon checkout. You may share this On-Demand Training with any staff members from your campus community for unlimited viewing. For information about licensing this webinar for unlimited distribution on your institution’s internal network/server, email info@paper-clip.com.

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