Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington & Colleagues on Supporting Black Men on Campus – On-Demand Training

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Explore What it Takes for Black Men to Navigate “Everyday Racism” while Maintaining a Sense of Dignity & Excellence

One year after the murder of George Floyd and other unarmed Black men, we pause to have an honest discussion about what it means to support Black men in 2021. This panel offers insights into the impact of this last year on the lives of Black men and what it means to live every day in a country where one’s very existence is often experienced as a threat. In this session, we explore work, family and spirituality. We explore what it takes for Black men to navigate “everyday racism” while maintaining a sense of dignity and excellence.

Hear Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington, the President and Founder of the Washington Consulting Group and Social Justice Training Institute, moderate this powerful event which includes the following panelists:

  • Rev. Sam Offer, Vice President of the Washington Consulting Group
  • Dar Mayweather, Founder of Doing Good Work
  • Dr. Durryle Brookes, Deputy Director of the BOLD Center for SEIU (Service Employees International Union)
  • J Mase III, Black Trans/Queer/Educator Poet

Listen to real stories about how microaggressions and implicit bias manifest for Black men in the academy and walk away with thoughts from these experts on what they see as opportunities, challenges and concerns that you should consider in moving forward in maintaining a real commitment to creating a more supportive environment for Black men on your campus.

Topics Covered

After attending this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Draw from deeper insights as to how to support Black men on your campus – be more effective at creating systemic transformation and change.
  • Utilize practical tools and strategies to develop and/or revise policies and practices – create a more supportive campus environment for Black men.
  • Gain a greater sense of Black Male Joy – tap into examples of successful programs and environments that support Black men that you can adapt for your campus.
  • Engage staff, faculty and administrators – provide them with tools for becoming active agents of change from whatever seat they occupy.


Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington, (He/Him/His) is the President & Founder of the Washington Consulting Group (WCG). WCG was named by the Economist as one of the Top 10 Global Diversity Consultants in the world. Dr. Washington has served as an educator, administrator, and consultant in higher education for over 36 years. He serves as an invited instructor in the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Lancaster Theological Seminary. He is the President and Co-Founder of the Social Justice Training Institute and a Past President of the American College Personnel Association.
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Rev. Sam Offer (he, him, his, they) serves as Vice President and a senior consultant with the Washington Consulting Group (WCG), a Multicultural Organizational Development Firm located in Baltimore, MD. (The Washington Consulting Group was named one of ten top global diversity firm by the Economist in 2015).
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Dar Mayweather is a leadership studies faculty member at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and has more than a decade of diversity and inclusion teaching, consulting, and training experience. His professional journey began in corporate, then mental health, before ending up in higher education.
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Durryle Brooks, Ph.D, M.A is interdisciplinary research scholar-practitioner and a social justice educator from Baltimore, MD. He is the Founder and CEO of Love and Justice Consulting LLC, an organization that provides leaders with diversity and social justice learning opportunities to increase their capacity to effectively and authentically engage difference. He currently is Deputy Director of the BOLD Center at the Service Employees International Union.
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J Mase III is a Black/Trans/queer poet & educator based in Seattle by way of Philly. As an educator, Mase has worked with community members in the US, UK, and Canada on the needs of LGBTQIA+ folks and racial justice in spaces such as K-12 schools, universities, faith communities and restricted care facilities. He is founder of awQward, the first trans and queer people of color talent agency.
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  • Certificate of completion for each participant
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