One hundred years ago, the Indian Citizenship Act was passed, extending U.S. citizenship to Native Americans so they’d be dual citizens of their Tribal Nations and the U.S., allowing them to vote in both Tribal and non-Tribal elections. Now, the American Indian College Fund is launching its “Make Native Voices Heard—Vote!” campaign to encourage Native people to register and vote on November 5th.

As part of the campaign, the College Fund will share information about how to make a voting plan and the ways that voting impacts Native American communities in big ways. Plus, the campaign will share information on how to register to vote in every state.

" By voting in tribal, local, state, and national elections, Native people exercise their legal right to vote and honor the ancestors that fought for it, while ensuring we have a say in our futures as Native people and sovereign Nations,” said Cheryl Crazy Bull, President and CEO of the American Indian College Fund.

Read more about how to get involved here.