As the world faces news that Russia has invaded Ukraine, those on college campuses are feeling the ripple effects. At the University of Idaho, they’re holding a free presentation entitled “The Ukrainian Crisis: Context, Causes and Consequences” featuring four faculty members. The implications of the crisis are huge and potentially widespread, according to Florian Justwan, an associate professor of political science. “It would affect global energy prices; it could cause significant refugee streams in Europe and aggravate existing supply chain issues,” Justwan said. “It’s a case where a large country is ignoring fundamental principles of international law.”

As a result, he said, “This could serve as a template for cases such as Taiwan, and other conflicts in the world.”

The Department of Political Science at Muhlenberg College (PA) is also sponsoring a free Zoom event called “The International Crises in Ukraine: How and Why It Matters.” Questions will be explored such as: What are the causes of this conflict? What makes Russia so powerful and what are the implications for global peace? Are global democracies obligated to intervene and, if so, how?

Read more about the University of Idaho event here and the Muhlenberg one here.

And to better understand the Russia-Ukraine conflict, consider this piece from the Simpson College (IA) newspaper.