Being a good neighbor is a key focus of Colorado State University’s Off-Campus Life office. Their “Art of Neighboring” brochure is designed to help off-campus students get to know and communicate effectively with their city neighbors to create “a positive and comfortable living environment.” Plus, the office is distributing free show shovels in November as part of their Shovel Snowdown push to help residents meet municipal snow removal requirements.

Those requirements read: “Fort Collins residents are required to remove snow and ice from the public sidewalk adjacent to their property within 24 hours of accumulation. This means that once the snow stops falling, you have 24 hours to clear the sidewalks around your property. This includes the sidewalk across the driveway. Code Compliance Inspectors enforce the sidewalk snow removal ordinance. If your sidewalks are not cleared after 24 hours, the city will hire snow removal contractors to correct sidewalk hazards at the property owner’s cost. Traveling over a school break? Know that this ordinance is enforced regardless if you are home or not. Help your neighbor with their sidewalk while you’re in town for classes and ask them to help you with your sidewalk if you’re out of town.”

See their comprehensive Good Neighbor brochure here.