The goal of the new “Common Sense Solutions” course at Alma College (MI) is to help students with differing views talk about political issues in constructive ways. It combines the studies of philosophy and political science to challenge partisan divisions so students can work toward positive solutions to today’s big problems – such as immigration, gun control and the national debt – and move communities forward with intention. 

Besides taking field trips and hearing from guest speakers, class participants will work together on final projects that address big-picture policy proposals, reported The Morning Sun. A group of nonpartisan officials will then judge the projects, choosing the most practical response to the issue.

Students will learn skills needed “to get past their own political biases and work to explain their positions across social boundaries,” Benjamin Peterson, a course instructor and co-director of the Center for College and Community Engagement, told the paper. “Our students want to make meaningful change in their communities and they need these skills to do that.”

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