The online arts platform Student-Made offers college artists an opportunity to sell their homemade wares. It’s kind of like a collegiate Etsy, giving students a closer connection to their audience. “I thought this was an incredible opportunity to connect students to people on campus who want to support them and see what they’re making,” Student-Made Store creator Lindsay Reeth told the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill’s (UNC) The Daily Tar Heel. At UNC, over 20 student artists are selling their creations through Student-Made UNC. Branches are also available at Appalachian State University (NC) and the University of South Carolina, with online stores soon coming from Clemson University (SC) and the College of Charleston (SC).

“As a graduate student in Student-Made, it’s been really cool meeting people in all different stages of life," UNC graduate student Charlotte Rogus told the paper. “For me, it’s been a great way to get to know my campus more and get to know other people as well as gathering more inspiration and insight into other people’s creativity.”

“Student-Made allows me to share my recent projects with the Carolina community,” first-year student Natalie Bradin told the Tar Heel. “I love how supportive all of the artists at Student-Made are and how we all hype up each other’s projects. It motivates me to create more items in the store.”

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