Even before the pandemic hit, 62% of students in the U.S. said they had experienced overwhelming anxiety within the past 12 months, reported the American College Health Association. Add in a pandemic where they had little control and it makes sense that there may be a great deal of lingering anxiety. Students may be anxious about finances, where to live, employment, internships, friendships, relationships, the future, staying healthy, worrying about loved ones and much more. Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations.

To help manage fear and stress so lingering anxiety doesn’t take on a life of its own, students can…

  • Talk with trusted others and maintain social connections
  • Continue with pre-established counseling sessions
  • Exercise to channel their stress elsewhere
  • Give themselves half-hour “worry periods” to get things out so they’re not in a constant state of worry
  • Take occasional news and social media breaks
  • Recognize that anxiety can sometimes be contagious
  • Counteract negative thoughts by reframing them
  • And more!

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