We can all learn from the experience of others. That’s why LinkedIn asked over a million followers to share the best advice they’d give their 20-year-old selves. And one general idea rose to the top time and again: action beats deliberation any day. You don’t need a grand blueprint or pre-arranged path to make the most of your career, commentators said. Instead, try things by taking action, experimenting and correcting course when needed.

One LinkedIn user who shared his wisdom was Hireproof co-founder Max Korpinen. He advised his younger self, “Don’t spend so much time planning and researching the perfect career path – you don’t know what ‘work’ is yet anyway. Aggressively explore all options that seem interesting, learn, iterate, and you’ll arrive to the ‘perfect path’ much faster.”

“The way to reach your highest potential, they [artists] claim, isn't to chase perfection, but instead to focus on diving into the work itself,” reported Inc.com. “The more you practice (and sometimes fail), the better you'll get and the better the end result will be. Again, action and practice beats study and deliberation.”

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