Students at the Washington State University Global Campus earn Presence Involvement Points by attending various events, meetings, workshops and more, with different point values offered for each one. Events include anything from a Time Management workshop to a course on Stress Management to participating in a Mental Health Check-in. Training programs such as the Campus Connect two-hour suicide prevention training and a Mental Health First Aid workshop are also available.

Each campus engagement opportunity is listed via their online hub, with the number of Involvement Points for each one highlighted in green.

Once students earn a number of Involvement Points, they may redeem them for college swag funded through the WSU Global Campus Services and Activities (S&A) fees. Prizes may only be awarded to current Global Campus students who pay S&A fees as part of their tuition. Those students enrolled in certain programs who do not pay GC S&A fees are not eligible for prizes.

College swag includes:

  • A stainless steel drink mug for 100 points
  • A WSU Cougars license plate frame for 200 points
  • A WSU baseball cap for 300 points
  • A WSU banner flag for 400 points

Students can redeem their points online by filling out a Points Redemption Form. Learn more here.