The WellWVU initiative at West Virginia University includes a self-directed chillPACK to “Help you chill and retrain your brain to look for the positive.” Students are encouraged to “Do one activity a day and watch your productivity and perspective change for the better!” These daily activities include trying Progressive Muscle Relaxation, practicing Loving Kindness, creating Vision Boards and more, all in the name of stress management.

The chillPACK site explains that, “Over the next 30 days, you will have the opportunity to try different ways of caring for the body, heart and mind. By doing so, you might discover a new activity or practice that works well for you or that you would like to try more. You will also teach your brain that your behavior matters. And finally, we hope this will give you the inspiration to create a self-care plan or update your self-care routine, with the idea that what you practice grows stronger.”

Read more about the chillPACK and see the 30 days’ worth of activities here.