A pop-up clothing exchange program at George Washington University called “The Loop” gives students an opportunity to donate unwanted pieces of clothing and swap them for second-hand pieces. It’s a sustainability initiative to reduce clothing waste and prevent items from clogging landfills, plus it’s an accessible way for students to have access to the thrift shopping they enjoy.

“Hopefully this will become a resource for that surplus of clothing and also to give students more accessible options for shopping second hand because the closest large thrift shops are an hour away on the metro,” Ruth Holliday, a sophomore intern for the Office of Sustainability who initiated the clothing exchange, told The GW Hatchet. “There are some smaller ones but they’re more expensive in the city, so it’s an accessible option for students. Also it’s free, that’s another part of accessibility.”

Sophomore Sahana Kumar told the paper that she likes the environmentally friendly concept of exchanging clothes. “I think especially when it comes to fashion and consumer culture, it’s very much ‘spend money, spend money, spend money,’ and then spend money on stuff you don’t really need,” she said. “This is a very good alternative to that.”

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