The University of Galway offers a suite of options to help create sensory friendly spaces and a more inclusive campus. One such initiative is the JAM Card©, which allows people with communication challenges to discreetly and easily tell others they need “Just A Minute” (JAM) in a simple, effective, non-verbal manner.

Individuals can use their physical or App-based JAM Cards in various situations, from transportation to shopping, dining, going to the library, banking and much more. The university’s Access Centre adopted this support system to make sure services for people with disabilities are person-centered while also training campus community members about how to offer card users extra assistance and time.

This accessibility and inclusion tool “reflects the lived experience of those who use it,” according to the card’s website. It was created by NOW Group, described in a University of Galway news release as “a social enterprise that supports people who, for example, have autism, acquired brain injury, a learning difficulty, or any hidden disability, which may mean that they need ‘Just a Minute’ to allow them to complete their business.”

“It is important for the University community that we live by our values and that they are more than words,” said Imelda Byrne, head of the Access Centre. “We hope that by adopting the JAM Card© initiative on campus we can help people and at the same time increase disability awareness, representation, and visibility across campus.”

More About JAM Cards

“Just. A. Minute. That is what JAM Card stands for and that is what it gives you – just as much time and patience as you need in public or social situations.”

So states the JAM Card website, explaining how the card “was originally developed by and for those with learning difficulties and disabilities, but has now expanded to include anyone with a hidden disability or communication barrier when they need more patience and space in a given situation.”

Printed JAM Cards are available free of charge with the message best suiting each user, including:

  • I have a learning disability
  • I have a learning difficulty
  • I have an intellectual disability
  • I am autistic
  • I have autism
  • I have dementia
  • I have a visual impairment
  • I have a condition

The cards say, “Just a minute” with the JAM logo on the front and then “Please be patient” followed by one of the above messages. It is also available in App form.

Find out more about the JAM Card© at:

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