When students at Providence College (RI) learned that a beloved campus security guard hadn’t seen his family in Nigeria – including his son – in 11 years, they sprang into action. Two students started a GoFundMe campaign that has so far raised thousands of dollars to help make the trip possible.

"You told us a while ago that you wanted to see your family in Nigeria that you haven’t seen in a long time, so we came together and spread the word, and we started a GoFundMe because we take care of our own because that’s what we do at Providence College,” said sophomore student Daniel Singh, one of the organizers. “They've done that for me, we've done that for each other, so now we're doing it for you. You're of the family, so our gift to you is a trip to Nigeria.”

"Tears to my eyes. Such an act of kindness. It was such a great reminder of the good our Friars are bringing into the world and a great reminder of how we can all do a small act of kindness every day that can make a difference," said Dean of Students Steven Sears.

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