“The HPU Campus Connectors are undergraduate students who are invested in helping you find opportunities for you!” according to High Point University’s (HPU) Campus Connector webpage. These peer mentors have connections right in their name, and their mission: They’re working to help fellow students feel more connected to campus.

Students at HPU can connect with a Campus Connector by…

  • Scrolling through an online list of Campus Connectors and sending them an email or
  • Submitting a form in the HPU Connect system (designed as a campus platform for student activities where students can find information about campus events and organizations) so they can be paired with a Campus Connector

The program is run through the Student Life Office at HPU. Currently, there are approximately 27 Campus Connectors available to students.

In addition to Campus Connectors, HPU also assigns a sophomore, junior or senior Peer Mentor to each incoming students to help them in their transition to the institution. These Peer Mentors…

  • Offer advice, respond to questions and provide information about campus life and resources
  • Coordinate small groups of 10-15 incoming first-year students
  • Guide new students through Welcome Week to help them get acclimated to campus and learn about the institution
  • Provide opportunities for students to get to know one another before they come to HPU to help ease the transition
  • Cannot also be Resident Assistants, Community Assistants, Student Justices, Campus Ambassadors or Campus Concierge staff
  • Maintain contact with their mentees through at least the first six weeks of the semester, although many connections extend beyond

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