Students who stopped out on their way to a degree at The Evergreen State College (WA) now have an opportunity to receive a $750 scholarship to help them continue their education. The first 100 returning students – or “Greeners” as the website calls them – will receive a scholarship. “We understand that life is complex and that completing your degree can be a challenge,” the site says. “We’ll meet you wherever you are to help you finish your degree!”

The college touts programs, internships, individual learning contracts and courses, plus 11 focused paths and a variety of certificate programs. The scholarships for returning students are funded by the institution’s foundation.

“This generous gift from the foundation will help returning students ease the cost of coming back to college. If you want to pursue a different career or get a promotion, a college degree at Evergreen is more affordable now than ever,” chief enrollment officer John Reed said in a statement.

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