Students at Princeton University (NJ) observing Ramadan are being accommodated and supported with Suhoor and Iftar meals in the Campus Center. For Suhoor (March 22-April 20, 2023), students can pick up customizable meal kits that include “foods that are both nutritionally dense and that offer variety,” according to Campus Dining. They’ll be able to select fruits, baked goods, protein items, beverages, snacks and complete meals in accordance with their dietary preferences and schedules. For Iftar (March 23-April 21, 2023), students will be provided an allotment to pick up halal offerings in both the Food Gallery and in the C-Store.

Suhoor is “the morning meal eaten by Muslims before the sun has come up during Ramadan,” during which time they fast during the day, according to the Cambridge English Dictionary. Iftar is “a meal taken by Muslims at sundown to break the daily fast during Ramadan,” according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Princeton students must fill out an online registration form in advance to access these meals. Read more here.