Going through the pandemic may have given you a chance to pause and determine how you’d like to spend your time. When making these types of decisions, productivity coach Don Khouri, author of the book When to Say Yes: The 5 Steps to Protect Your Time, told Fast Company, “Instead of knowing when to say ‘no,’ learn how to decide when to say ‘yes.’”

He suggested asking yourself five important questions when someone makes a request of you…

  1. Does this align with my roadmap of where I’m headed in life and career?
  2. Is the requester high on my relationship hierarchy?
  3. Is it a quality request?
  4. Does it fit on my priority list?
  5. Could this be delegated?

Saying “yes” to one thing ultimately means saying “no” to another, Fast Company reminded us. As you work to adapt healthy, enduring behaviors, this type of filter can help make your priorities a true priority. As a result, you’ll be able to engage in more positive self-care to get through these tough times and become your better self for the long haul.

Sources: Quartz, 11/4/18; Fast Company, 6/29/21

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