The Program on Intergroup Relations (IGR) at the University of Michigan is robust in its offerings. One simple, yet impactful, component they offer is a one-page overview on “Interrupting Bias: The PALS Approach.” It’s described as “a methodology to use when you hear someone say something that may be problematic or hurtful to a specific group of people or yourself. The major objective of this approach is to introduce a new perspective in a way that others can hear. PALS can be used as part of an intergroup dialogue or as a skill applied in your daily life.”

What does PALS stand for?

Pause. Pause, halt, stop, slow the conversation.
Acknowledge/Ask. Acknowledge what the person is saying. Ask for clarification. Let them know what you think you heard them say.
Listen. Listen to what the person said.
Speak Your Truth/Share Stories. Speak your truth. Share your learning. Speak calmly.

An excellent one-page overview explaining more about the IGR’s PALS Approach can be found here. And find campus strategy profiles like this and more in our NEW Campus Bias Prevention and Response Training Tools.