In an effort to build community, enhance students’ well-being and create student engagement, campuses are often turning to spiritual, religious or faith-based resources. For instance, at Amherst College (MA), a Muslim prayer room equipped with prayer rugs, copies of the Quran and headscarves is available 24-7 near the library. Its restroom also features supplies for cleansing before prayer, or wudu. And an interfaith facility elsewhere on campus features two kitchens: one for preparing halal and kosher meals and the other for common use.

At Mount Holyoke College (MA), the Eliot House interfaith facility houses the community and belonging staff, plus hosts faith-based events such as puja, Shabbats, Jummah lunches and more, according to Inside Higher Ed. A Japanese meditation garden and teahouse on the building’s rooftop offers tea ceremonies four times per academic year.

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