What do students see as the top benefits of participating in co-curricular clubs or groups? An Inside Higher Ed and Student Pulse survey about the college experience found that of 2,104 respondents spending one or more hours a week on such activities, the top reason is meeting new people and making new friends. Second was building a sense of belonging or connectedness to campus life and activism/being involved in one’s community.

The number one answer about what would increase students’ participation in co-curricular campus clubs and groups was better advertising and promotion. Approximately half of respondents cited this. And when asked what technology would help increase their participation in campus events, half of respondents said the ability to participate virtually.

Overall, the survey found that three in 10 students don’t spend any time on co-curricular clubs or groups, half spend one to five hours weekly, and the others spend even more. Read more about student views on the college experience here.